A transformational marketing strategy can do amazing things for your brand.

When it enables new product or service success; highly effective and efficient communications; and improved integration across functional areas, agencies, and distribution channels, you will see increasing sales, profitability, and brand loyalty.

At Mr. Marketing Services, we bring together frontline experience, insights, and advanced analytics to help you develop, plan, and implement a marketing strategy that will change your brand’s trajectory.

Tap our marketing strategy, research, and analytical expertise to:

  • Do an initial marketing audit to evaluate current practices, brand performance, and existing insights into your customers.
  • Assess the opportunities and establish the business case for your brand or business to get, keep, and engage different market segments.
  • Build a marketing strategy with a motivating positioning, efficient communications, and profitable products/services.
  • Formulate, test, and optimize communications and marketing plans.
  • Measure and evaluate performance in order to enhance ROI results.

Whether you need a consulting partner to do it all from start-to-finish or for help with one step in the process, we stay razor-focused empowering you to achieve your marketing and business objectives.

Marketing Auditing

In our experience, very often the best way forward is to first take a closer look at where you’ve been–what’s working and what isn’t; what you already know about your customers and what you don’t; where your brand or business is keeping pace with changes in the marketplace and where it isn’t.

After all, with so much data available to marketers these days, and so many things changing, it’s hard to determine which path will lead to the biggest growth opportunities, how to prioritize action steps, and how to remove the barriers to developing and executing an transformational marketing strategy.

In order to give you a clear picture of the market climate and overall fitness of your marketing strategy, we begin with thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of your business from a marketing perspective to understand:

  • Your goals, objectives and aspirations for your brand and business.
  • How your marketing practices compare to best practices inside and outside your category or industry.
  • How your brand is currently performing compared to objectives.
  • Where your brand currently stands versus competitors in terms of emerging trends and marketplace challenges.
  • Where gaps in data and insights could be filled to improve marketing strategy decisions and take advantage of opportunities.

The end result of a comprehensive marketing audit of your practices, performance, and overall business situation is clear insight into why performance may have fallen short of objectives and solid direction on what you need to do to develop and execute a marketing strategy that will maximize growth.

Our experts can provide direct one-on-one consultation services to you, your product, our your company, to ensure that you are getting the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to your marketing, advertising, and web-based endeavors.

For a quote on our consultation services, contact us directly.